Why these pants and coats are called scrubs

July 6, 2017

This can easily be explained by way of an anecdote that most laymen and women can appreciate and understand.

So, what happens then when you need to do chores around the house? You need to get things done shipshape in order to create a wholesome living environment. It is congenial not just for you but for your entire family. Now, whether you do this alone, or you hire the help, you need to clean the house.

In all corners, and in all nooks and crannies. One way to clean up good and proper is to do a good bit of scrubbing, not necessarily on your hands and knees, but certainly with a fair amount of elbow grease. So, in layman’s (and woman’s) terms, we can understand and appreciate why these tall scrubs pants and coats are called thus. Of course, there will be short variations too. This ensures that there are sizes that fit all, even the smallest of sizes.

You see, it is not just the medical staff at your nearby clinics and hospitals that will be wearing scrubs. It’s been prepared for the patients too; even the little one’s paying a visit to the podiatrist. And yes, you guessed right, even the dedicated cleaning and catering staff are wearing scrubs, tall, short or small, and even extra-large. They have to, you see. You must remember that all staff are working in a health services environment which must remain highly sanitized and simply spotlessly clean to ensure that no harmful bacteria or even diseases encroach upon vulnerable patients.

And because the work that hospital staff are required to go through most of the time, these scrubs need to be made from the strongest fibers possible.